Best Podcasts 2016


I hope the YouTube Channels I posted were a good resource. This week I want to share some of the best Podcasts related to photography, video and a few other things. Enjoy!

The Candid Frame

I can pronounce Ibarionex’s name because I’ve listened to this show for years. It is the best photography podcast available. Ibarionex has guests from Ralph Gibson to Dan Winter and literally everybody in between. His interview style is slow, smooth and makes you want to listen to some jazz after words.

This Week in Photo

I used to never miss an episode, but I started to drop off the last year or two with TWIP. It’s great to stay up to date with photo news, gear and cool guests though. It’s a little ad heavy, but it’s been on forever and is probably the highest rated photography podcast.

Petapixel Photography Podcast

Relatively new, Petapixel launched into the world of podcasting a few months ago. Their blog is great and I visit daily. The podcast is an extension of that where they cover news, issues, gear, etc. The episodes are short.

Director’s Club Podcast

Literally my favorite podcast, or at least in my top three. Patrick and Jim have covered over 100 directors in episodes that can range from an hour (rare) to over three hours long. I have discovered so many new films through this podcast I can’t begin to see them all. Patrick, in particular, is a young opinionated guy who’d you think teaches at NYU Film School during the day. In actuality he works in a video store. So come discover some incredibly hidden talent, and some new movies to stimulate your intellectual senses.

The RC

I’ve spent more money, as a result of this podcast, then I have from any ad. Jason Wingrove and Mike Seymour walk you through the greatest things in cinematography out there. Based in Australia, the duo also run an online school for cinematography (not accredited of course, but really excellent courses). For a couple hundred bucks you get hours of courses in lighting, post production, directing, color grading, and on. The podcast, however, covers all sorts of cinematography related gear, topics, trends, styles, etc. It is a great podcast if you are into motion cinema.

American Cinematographer Podcast

It’s a little dry. It’s a straight interview style. But the guests can be amazing. The ASC podcast has some of the best cinematographers working today, and yesterday, on to discuss their films, their style and work ethics. It’s educational and I love hearing from guys, and gals, that have shot some of the most famous movies of all time. It’s worth a listen. If you get tired of it, go back to Director’s Club!!!